Kumkum Bhagya today 11 Jan full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai, Rhea wants Himisha to get rid of Ranveer and Prachi Don. Rahungi Prachi is very good. Prachi always thinks well of her enemies. Riya always tries to score Prachi. However, Prachi always thinks good of Riya. She saves her sister Riya even in Mani Hai case. She saves her sister. Prachi tells Riya to do as she says. Riya says Prachan has helped me. Riya says she has to do everything to stay away from me for some

days. Not all family members become very happy, all say that this is a very good thing. Prachi Donon is very happy, Riya can't see Doon happy, but Riya says I am forced. Riya says I can't do anything now. Riya says I can't even see them happy, I can't even see them together, I can't bear all.

 this, still a thought comes in Riya's mind, I don't think I can do anything, but Aaliya. Riya says it is true, she always helps me. Riya says she will help me every time. Riya says I want to go to them, even then she goes. She starts crying in front of Aaliya. Riya says to Aaliya that you know how forced I am, I am not doing anything now. Riya says to Aaliya that now you have to help me, you can't do anything with Prachi. Riya says that there is a party in the house and they are both very happy. Riya says that I can't see Prachi happy. Riya said that I want Prachi to be happy. Aaliya says I need you, Riya, you don't need to do all this now. Aaliya says I will always help you. Aaliya says I can't do anything else. Aaliya.

 says me too. I will tell you that now you don't do anything. Aaliya is upset that you try to understand. Aaliya says that this truth can make you a place in my asking. Aaliya says that now you have to bear a little bit. Aaliya says that you should try to understand. Aaliya also says that you should hide from Diya. He will have to make a place for himself in the hearts of all the family members. Prachi is looking very cute. Everyone is talking about Prachi. Everyone says how long have you been together. Dear Ranveer and Prachi, they say that you two have to dance together. Sankar scolds Riya and goes Riya says yes but I have to bear all this now Riya says I don't have to do anything. I just want.

to see everything, I am very happy, in front of all the family and in front of Riya, Ranveer and Prachi don dance. But she leaves for Aaliya too. Aaliya is upset that what happened to you, Riya says did father see me now? Riya says that all the family members are doing Tariq of UN Donon and they are doing don dance. Riya says I can't bear all this. Riya says Aaliya, now you have to do

something if you want to see me happy. Aaliya will not do it because of Riya. Riya has been very angry because Riya wants to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer Don but she doesn't even want to do Riya. Ranveer can't get rid of Don why Prachi and Ranveer Don love each other so much they can never get away from each other and I can't work Rhea can never get Ranveer

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