Kumkum Bhagya today 12 Jan episode online hd

 Serial Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV story has become very interesting because Riya has changed from Puri Tarik Riya has fallen in love with her sister Riya is very serious about her sister because Riya will not be with anyone. . Chika hai Riya has fallen in love with her sister Prachi.

 again yes friends Riya now wants to correct her mistakes so Riya says to Prachi I can never leave you I can't see even if I want I can which is happiness I am not better than you guys, Riya and Prachi will be seen as one, you guys and Aaliya will also come to know from.

 traveling the world, why am I naked with Riya, now I will talk to Aaliya, I will make a plan, she will not laugh. Why don't I go against my own family anymore? I'm more against my family than you, but it's enough. Your Alia, friends, Alia is now alone. Alia has gone crazy from the.

 darkness. dikhai degi aap logon ko yah doston dusri taraf se riya ko bhi aliya ke bare mein pata chalne wala hai Kyunki Alia priya ko morning dekar jaati hai and Riya ko Kah Kar Jaati Hai Aur Tumhari I will kill my father because you.

 call me Kohli's house. The name has to be removed from Puri Dark. I do not want you Prachi to be happy in life and I am You will ruin me too, my friends. Logon why Riya loves her mother and father so much and will go to any lengths to save her parents Riya will now be seen.

risking her life and loves you people and the world. . You guys will see why Prachi goes to the hospital to meet her mother, but Prachi doesn't know anything about Aliya's nakedness. Prachi sees her and tries to stop Aaliya, but it is too late because Aaliya has finished her work. On.

 the way, Ranveer is not able to reach the hospital due to which Ranveer is unable to reach the hospital. Prachi will appear to be the only girl from Aaliya to you guys, but the condition of the baby in Prachi's stomach is getting serious. You will see Dr. Prachi admitted to the hospital

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