Kumkum Bhagya today 12 Jan full episode online HD

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya, Ranveer is very worried because he has complained to Rhea against Ranveer, about whom Ranveer is very worried. On the other hand, Prachi is also very worried. Asliya is very worried about Riya's complaint and goes to Riya's house to meet Riya, but Ranveer confronts Aaliya and Aaliya says.

 to Ranveer what are you doing here. And there is no purpose for you to come here, friends. Tab Prachi says to Aaliya, you too, I was in our house by our own will, we didn't have to say anything to you, do we know this? We have not done anything like this to you, why we respect you even today, but unfortunately you are not.

 worthy of respect. GH am doston tab Aaliya says to Ranveer, tell your work, why did you bring Prachi here. This friend Tab Ranveer will ask about Priya and will tell Alia where is Riya I want to meet Riya then Tab Alia will ask Ranveer. It didn't happen when you left Riya's Kohli house and now you have come to ask as if you are in love with Riya. Alia tells Ranveer.

 that Riya is naked and tells Ranveer that Riya is in the office, she has forgotten everything and went to the office, why does Riya want to be happy in her life now, please, they will also tell you that Riya is not yours. So why does Alia want to keep Ranveer away from Prachi forever, so why is Prachi going to go far away from Ranveer now? Jakar Kafi Sad Hone Ja.

Rahi Hai Kyunki Aliya Ne Plan hi Kuchh Aisa Kya Hai Jismein Riya hi Bhi Alia Ka Sath Degi and Ranveer ko Lagega Riya Sab Kuchh Bhul Chuki Hai Aur Apni Lehko Richu Mein still love Ranveer and read Ranveer. So even today it is crazy but Ranveer is going to talk about Rhea and Prachi will also be seen lying to Rhea. As Prachi continues to read a lot, Nko has become the enemy of Prachi's life. Prachi wants to get out of Ranveer's life for Himisha.

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