Kumkum Bhagya today 15 th Jan episode online HD


Drama serial Kumkum Bhagya and Prachi done to get rid of Riya Khati Hai Ki Ranveer Sarf Mera Hai Aur Mein Hi Ranveer Akhti Hai Riya Khati Hai Ke Main Want To Get Ranveer Not Like Anyone. Always tries to get away but she always fails in her efforts. She can never get away from Prachi and Ranveer. She always fails in.

 her intentions. Riya starts thinking that what should I do? Riya says that I will work with my intentions in the bar. No, I am not asking. Riya is thinking what to do with Prachi, then Riya gets a phone call. It is a wrong number. Riya says she doesn't know. Riya talks. Goriya says I know everything about you naked, I know how selfish you are with people, I know.

 everything about you, how you used to try to kill Tara Prachi. You live, you are Prachi's enemy and what do you want? He says I know everything. Riya says what will happen if he tells everyone about me naked. Riya says what should I do now? Riya says that there is no heaven in me. Where does Riya live? Milon.

 and me who knows what it wants Riya uses number per tries to call again that number is going muscle band Riya is so much Riya is now what should I do even that guy knows this I didn't order pizza for Prachi Riya because Riya is very busy, Riya eats, she told me everything, so what will I do? They give Riya's number, she uses it and says that you are threatening her. Prachi.

 and Suhana are trying to teach Riya. Riya doesn't even go to her room, Riya doesn't even talk to anyone, all the family members get very worried seeing Riya's condition. They do it. Aaliya says what has happened to Riya, Aaliya says there is something which makes Riya very worried. She asks what happened to you, why are you so angry, Riya doesn't tell everything, Riya keeps silent, Riya doesn't tell.

 anything to anyone, she wants to talk by using Riya to talk. Riya says I have to do something to shut her up. Riya talks about using Riya and says Wah, use Riya. It's Prachi's plan too. Riya calls to meet Riya Riya goes to meet Larke Riya is very busy Riya goes to meet Riya sneaks behind Riya Riya is talking to Larke and Riya Prachi is secretly making a video of Riya. Af does all this to collect Sabu. She.

 makes this plan and Prachi's plane works. Prachi takes a video of Riya. Prachi reaches home before Riya, when Pallavi asks Riya where did you go and you didn't go even after telling us, Riya starts telling lies Riya says and hurry up with me. I wanted to go, that's why I don't tell the people. Then she goes there. Prachi goes there. Prachi says you have nothing to do, so you are lying. Prachi says because.

I know where you went. Riya gets very scared after hearing this. If you tell me, where did you go, Prachi, all the housemates watch that video, Ranveer also watches that video, Riya is very upset after seeing that video. Ya is asked why are you giving money to Akhi Hai and who is she and why did

you go to meet her? Riya starts crying. Riya says I don't know who is this. So don't tell a lie, we have seen it. If we had not seen it with our own.

 eyes, we would not have agreed on what Prachi said. Riya was giving it and says that I don't know anything else, I only know that he was blackmailing me to call me and was harassing me, asking me for money. Riya starts lying. Riya says that Bhai my friend hai kasi se zarvarat tha Riya says its mad me. He was asking for help, so I helped him. 

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