Kumkum Bhagya today 17 Jan full episode hd

 In Serial Kumkum Bhagya Aap Logon is going to be seen 5 years Patti UK Aaliya has been released from jail and Aaliya has planned to kill Prachi because Aaliya has come to know that Prachi becomes a manche very soon. And this child will not go to the Kohli house.

 under any circumstances because Aaliya is going to take the child away from Prachi and you guys will see very soon that something will happen here that will prevent Alia Prachi's child from starting to read and write. As Prachi is with Ranveer and Ranveer's condition.

 suddenly worsens due to which Ranveer also has to be admitted to the hospital and Prachi also becomes very worried about Ranveer's breakup with Hilt De Meg. Ranveer's health starts to deteriorate and Aaliya takes Ranveer's life and steals his child from there. ko bola.

 jata hai ki tumhari bahan ki the situation is quite serious and Tumhen ISI Waqt Hospital Pahunchna hai lekin riya ke pass hospital jaane ke liye koi gadi nahin hoties bahan hai hai Ranveer and Prachi reach but Riya doesn't know anything about Alia's nakedness. Because this plan.

 is Alia's to call Riya to the hospital, because Alia wants Kohli's family to have a place first, it will be easy to end it, but Riya will now be seen escaping from Alia's clutches. Why don't you see Riya on time to the hospital tab to arrest Aaliya police She reaches the hospital because the police are also looking for Alia. The.

police are running away from Alia and the police are chasing Alia from all sides. Meen succeeds and uses the child to take the scrap, with the sound of which Prachi gets away from her daughter and Ranveer will now also be seen moving away from Prachi. Ranveer's life

with Riya gives Gujrat to Keonki now Prachi goes.

 from Ranveer's life to Himisha Himisha why you guys let Ranveer have his daughter Keonki is going to lose Prachi for life time and you guys Very soon, Ranveer will be seen living his life with Rhea and his family in Gujarat

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