Kumkum Bhagya today 18 th Jan full episode online hd

Serial Kum Kum Bhagya Season 5 is going to be very interesting to watch in which you will see Prachi has broken up with Ranveer for Hamisha. In the upcoming episode of Lost Jee Haan Friends, you are going to see when Prachi gives birth to a child, Aaliya takes the child from her evil Prachi, why does Aaliya not go, Prachi is shot and respected from home. . She wants.

 Prachi to live her life alone and there is no one to take care of Prachi, but Prachi will not be able to do all this alone, because Prachi is where the serial is, Riya is the place. Legi Goli is now in the house, Riya will take care of the baby girl because she belongs to Prachi, but Ranveer will now be seen giving custody of the baby.

 to Riya. Bad Ranveer is also going to meet Riya and Prachi's baby is also going to go to Riya and you guys will miss Prachi very soon. And in the upcoming promo it can also be seen that a child who misses her mother is none other than Prachi's daughter who misses her mother dusri taraf se Ranveer Bhi Kafi Mis.

 Kar Raha Hota Hai Apni Wife Prachi Why Ranveer loves his wife the most but now Ranveer seems to be living his life alone. You people never think of the world and use it. Prachi's nakedness shows why even Vikram considers Prachi not his daughter-in-law but his daughter, and use it only as his daughters. He gives respect, but Vikram's love is always.

Prachi. Because talking to you on Vikram and can do anything for his family and from the second trip Pallavi will now also appear to be dependent on Riya. That now Riya has also sabbatical, your sub has now felt that Riya is a good girl and Goli

can do anything for the family but Riya is all drama. To get it, it is only Prachi who has removed the false hum and shown Riya now Goli will be seen adjusting in the house and you guys will see Riya with Ranveer very soon.

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