Kumkum Bhagya today 19 th Jan full episode hd

 The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV is going to be quite interesting as in the upcoming episode you guys are going to see Aaliya with her friend Riya torturing Milkar Prachi because of Aap Logon Kuch Prachi Ali. And Prachi is very serious about her daughter and says to Ranveer.

 that if I want my daughter, I can't keep her under any circumstances. Our daughter is not with anyone else, but she is with Alia. Why is Alia the one who steals the girl who pays Prachi? Why does Alia want to take all the property of the Kohli household in her name and also those who.

 come in my name? It is possible that Alia Kohli tells the family members that if you want to sell it, then you will transfer your property to me. She is doing all this for money and Aaliya se hai bar is a very big street, you will see people who will get Prachi why Prachi is saving.

 you forever she is going to lose Parchi would be my death. You will see why people are leaving the drama. The story of this was that why Alia has changed her from the Kohli family and also from her brother Vikram why Vikram used to remind Alia all the time that you should.

not do such things with the voice of which we are a problem umhari vajah se Ham problem mein padhte hai lekin aliya yah sab apne liye kar rahi Hoti Hai Kyunki Alia Khud Chahti hai ki My brother and sister-in-law were never happy and someone was left to destroy their happiness.

 Kohli family was always worried. But now Riya will also be very sad when she sees Ranveer on the side because Riya has now got Ranveer but Riya Naver's love is still for Prachi and Dhanveer is wrong and why Ranveer used to love his wife the most, but now Ranveer's life will be seen as Gujarat in Prachi's memories. People will also be very sad when De Ranveer leaves nothing to do.

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