Kumkum Bhagya today 20 Jan full episode hd

 In Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV you will see that Aaliya has kidnapped Ranchi's baby girl and Prachi will be seen with her husband Ranveer milking her baby girl. And very soon Alia will also be seen calling Ranveer. Why does Alia want to marry this girl and take all their property from the Kohli family? I will also make.

 the Kohli householders stand on the road, that's why Aaliya first calls Riya and says to Riya, then come to me, forget everything, because I want to support you, but Riya further tells Aaliya that you are doing this wrong, I don't want to do this, you are heavenly, how much Ranveer loves Prachi and he will cheat you for.

 his love and he will take away his daughter from you. You will go to jail again, it is better that you go to Kohli's house yourself and apologize to all of them, they will forgive you and Jail will not leave Ali, she says to go now, I will not go to jail because now I will ruin the Kohli family.

 with pure history and very soon you will see when Ranveer will go to Alia's said place. Why? Aaliya calls Ranveer and says take all the papers of your property and meet by a river why I want to give this girl to you guys and take your Prapati in your name if you want to do.

 this deal. So a Jao Ji Han from a dosto family. He is going to go to the place called by Alia and very soon you will see when Alia will come in front of Prachi with her hands saved and Prachi will walk away seeing her daughter Alia's hands and will tell Alia not to read this. Asal.

will go and that girl will be lost from our hands, friends, that girl will not be Ranveer's daughter, but she will turn out to be a baby, because Alia wanted to destroy Kohli's house and wanted to take her revenge, so she never laughs. would leave And Kohli tells the family.

 members that our baby girl is no longer in the world, but Kohli family members have this misunderstanding why the story of Kumkum Bhagya serial is going to change from the whole history because now Ranchi is now the parents.

 of Ranveer too. It will seem like we don't have a baby girl anymore but very soon in Kumkum Bhagya you will be shown a small and cute baby girl. She will react like Prachi's daughter to be Prachi's daughter

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