Kumkum Bhagya today 21 th Jan full episode hd

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya, Riya has reached Alia's place. Yes, we are friends. Riya says to Alia that why did you steal Prachi's daughter? I don't want to steal her daughter. So there is no need for the family to face any problem, yes friends, now Riya will be seen asking for a.

 child from Aaliya, but Aaliya will not give Riya a child and they will say to Riya that she is in you, I will not read it either. It's good why you are heaven I have to take my revenge from Kohli Gharwalon and I don't want you to read in it why I won't stop using any Riya Prachi Saath .

I won't stop using it in many houses on the road. I am going to bring my daughter's marriage, because I am going to take all her property from Ranveer or friends like Sankar. Riya is going to get a big shock. Why does she love Riya dearly and considers Riya as her.

 sister, but Alia does not know anything about Riya's nakedness. Give your sister all the happiness she deserves, Aaliya won't do it, Aaliya is burning in the fire of her revenge, Aaliya wants me to stop looking at Prachi and Ranveer like this. Don't forget yes guys very soon now.

 Alia is going to talk to Prachi and Ranveer in her spoken place. Why did Alia forget to call Prachi if you tried to inform the police then you don't ask me anything. Gee, don't even try to do that, why are you heaven, I am Katni Khatrank and your Riya is also in my custody, and you want.

your baby and Riya, so take Ranveer

and meet me very soon. I want you guys to give it very soon. Yes friends, what kind of surprise does Alia have for Ranveer and Prachi? Bhi Nuksan Pahuncha Sakti Hai isliye Ane wale Problem Mein Dikhaya Gaya Hai Jab Prachi Aliya.

 Se Baat Kar Rahi Hoti Hai Tab Alia ka paon fisal jata hai And by the sound of which Prachi's daughter is released from Alia's hand, Prachi what should I do? It will be done by Ali or by planning something like that.

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