Kumkum Bhagya today 22 th Jan full episode hd

 Serial Kumkum Bhagya update is going to be very interesting in which you will see that now Prachi's daughter is gone but the distance between Prachi and Ranveer also seems to be growing a lot. Yani's daughter is getting my daughter and neither Prachi used to quarrel with Aliya.

 nor Aliya stole our daughter why did Prachi do so many bad things to quarrel with Aliya today our children are not with us yes friends Ranveer will be seen saying all this to Prachi, you guys will be seen like Sankar, Prachi will be very broken, you guys, why is Prachi's heart.

 also going to break? Why is it sad for Ranveer to win because of his daughter? Prachi is also sad for her daughter, but now Prachi will leave Kohli's house and show you people and on the other hand, Ranveer is also very much into music. Ranveer is going to have an accident.

 because Ranveer is very tensed when he is driving the car Wata Hai Why Ranveer's daughter since being linked to Ranveer is very difficult with Ranveer and Ranveer's car will also be seen going out of control from Ranveer you guys and you guys will see very soon when.

 Ranveer's car will have an accident Tab Prachi will not be safe because something like this will happen with Prachi too. Prachi will lose her life now. Why is this season of Kumkum Bhagya going to end now the new season will start in which you will not see Prachi. Why? If Prachi's place.

is now taken by Riya and in the upcoming promo, Rania will be with Diya Hai and Ranveer also has a baby girl. Miss is missing Ranchi's daughter is Ranveer's daughter Ranveer still sees his daughter Prachi's memory goes away and makes Ranveer think that I treated Prachi.

 very badly, I am the same with Prachi. I will not want to love you. Raj has gone to me. Why do I not respect Prachi? Achi is gone from my life forever now Ranveer is going to have a lifetime of these things and very soon I will see another twist.

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