Kumkum Bhagya today 23 Jan full episode online HD

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV, you will see Prachi giving a new look to her life because as soon as Ranveer comes to know that Prachi has had an accident and Prachi has fallen into the Nadi where she was. . Friends, Ranveer.

 takes his car and leaves to chase Prachi. Ranveer doesn't get anything from writing and Ranveer is very sad and misses Prachi a lot. hai kayunki panchi is alive kayunki panchi is saved yes friends now ranveer will be very happy when.

 you use riya will tell him in his daughter's naked and ranveer use your words nothing happened you need to worry No Tab Ranveer is very sad and misses his wife Prachi why now Prachi's dead friend Ranveer is going to take it on his head because of Ranveer's Sikh.

 Leji, Prachi quits using it and ISI. It hurts Ranveer and Suhana is very sad because of her world travel. Because Suhana loves her sister Prachi a lot and Prachi is the thing. Suhana finds out about Prachi's nakedness, so Suhana also tells Pallavi a lot. And she says to Palvi you are not.

 good people and because of your words Prachi has left this world because you people. One has given Prachi's life time, you all are not good people and I will not live here anymore because I don't want to live here anymore. Goes away and gets married to another when Prachi's.

nakedness reveals why Vikram is outside the city from the sound of the business meeting. love a lot You consider Prachi as your daughter but now Vikram also seems to have a lot of hatred for Ranveer. Who is Ranveer to his father Vikram? The new story is also going to show very soon in which you will see Log

Prachi and Prachi's daughter Panchi.

 because you are in Ranchi's life with his daughter and Prachi will be seen cheating on her daughter. hai aur use nothing happened that's why prachi keeps dreaming about her daughter panchi all the time, friend, will this dream of prachi come true please tell us in the comment section.

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