Kumkum Bhagya today 23 th Jan full episode hd

 The story of Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV has become very interesting. Yes, we are friends. Why has Ranveer come to know that his daughter Panchi is Janda and Theek? Yes, friends, Ranveer is very happy to see you. Lea finds out.

 about Panchi because Riya has been cheating on Panchi for a long time and Riya wants to find out Panchi naked because Riya says goodbye to Ranveer that I will cheat on our daughter and get out of Longi. Is it a lot of love? It happened.

 that she is Prachi's daughter but we are also related by blood. Yes, friends, Ranveer will be seen giving this good news to his mother. Ranveer also feels that Prachi is Jinda and he will cheat Prachi but there is another band news because.

 Prachi Jinda To Hai Fei Prachi has forgotten her past call Je Haan Prachi has gone. I don't remember what happened to him and what not. Ranveer knows everything. Ranveer is going to leave the house very soon to marry Prachi. Do.

 friends Ranveer know about our wife Prachi? We pay. . It has to be said that Ranveer is waiting very impatiently for Ranchi and misses Prachi a lot and from traveling around the world, Prachi also realizes why he doesn't think about his daughter Panchi, Prachi.

 has lost me. Yes, friends, now Prachi is missing her daughter Panchi very much. It will happen when Ranveer will see Prachi. Why did Ranveer have a fight with Prachi last time and Ranveer told Prachi to leave his house? was separated and Ranveer was very angry while using and.

vents his anger

on Prachi P, by the sound of which Prachi gets angry with Ranveer and says to Ranveer that now I will not do anything in your life. It seems that I don't value my actions. You love me for the sake of your daughter. In truth, Ranveer, you didn't love me. You all wanted a child. I don't have yes guys Prachi is very hot with Ranveer's behavior

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