Kumkum Bhagya today 24 Jan full episode hd

 The new season of Kumkum Bhagya has been released, in which you guys are going to get to see Ranveer's new life.  The year is going to be a bad show in which you guys will get to see Ranveer missing Prachi a lot.  ko lagta Hai Uske Bacche Yani ki Panchi Jinda Hai Aur Har Waqt.

 Prachi ko uski becchi panchi ke khyal aane wale hain aur bahut jald aap logon ko panchi bhi najar aane wali hain aur dusri taraf se riya abhi hogi ranke jake bad ab riya hi Kohli ghar  Why is she going to handle Ranveer that I didn't do well with Prachi and I don't want Riya to hate me the same way she did to me. Till.

today Ranveer is ashamed with his family and Ranveer's.  With the sound of a mistake, even Prachi is not with Ranveer anymore. Yes, friends, Ranveer is very alone. He had studied, so Ranveer married Riya and kept it.  Riya has changed now, Riya has changed from dark.

 to dark, Riya's life has also changed because of Alia's going to jail, because Riya is now taking care of Pallavi and Vikram.  Aaliya will also be shown, Aaliya will be banded in jail and when Riya goes to meet Aaliya in jail but Goli family will not know anything about her nakedness and very soon Kohli family will.

know why Riya is Riya now.  Gulat is not wrong, she wants me to take care of my family and

bring Alia back too, but why is this name? Ranveer hates Alia so much and even today Ranveer thinks that by stealing Gul Din, she is going to kill me.  The thing is, my wife Prachi had separated from me. Ranveer is still the.

 boss of everyone.  Is.  Ji Haan says to Dost Asliye Ali Riya even if I get released then I will never come home and you also never say UN logon in my naked even if you do nothing to Kohli family in my naked.  I don't want him to leave the house

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