Kumkum Bhagya today 25 Jan full episode hd

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV you guys are going to watch Ranveer is going to be very sad to miss Prachi. Ranveer is no longer in this world, so Ranveer remembers his daughter Panchi and Prachi all the time, but very soon Ranveer is going to meet Prachi. Very soon.

 he is going to see Prachi in front of him in a new way. Life friend Prachi has changed from completely dark. Why has Prachi changed herself for her daughter Panchi? Everything that happened that day was Ranveer's fault. If Ranveer's eyes were not there, our daughter would.

 have been with us today. But Ranveer's voice separated my Panchi from me. Gee, I don't love you too, I thought you would have been killed, but seeing you alive, I miss my daughter, who did you escape from, and wanted to be killed? Gee and Prachi will be seen arguing.

 with Ranveer again. Vati hai Ranveer uski bahan will tell you in Prachi's naked use it will also say your Prachi is no longer the Prachi that I used to love why has Prachi changed from pure history in his heart he thinks nothing but hatred for me Usage ki mee his daughter has taken.

 him away but she is not from heaven win win i was also in love with my daughter she was not serf prachi's daughter but we were doon's daughter use us win jyada d good i feel when i My baby Panchi misses Tab Sahana will say to Ranveer now is not the time to tell all this why you don't understand why you can.

start your life again if you want then baby

plan. You can, but Ranveer will say to Sahana, this can never happen. Why should I stay with Prachi? It is far away. I don't like it, I love Prachi a lot but she doesn't value my love. Yes, friends, you will see Ranveer saying this to Suhana. Ko will tell about Prachi's nakedness and.

 Pallavi will say to Ranveer that I want to meet my Prachi and you please introduce me to my daughter-in-law Prachi but Ranveer will stop your mother from Yanni's Pallavi to meet Prachi. Ranveer doesn't want our family to miss Prachi again

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