Kumkum Bhagya today 26 th Jan full episode hd

The story of the serial Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV has become quite interesting, why is it that the season 5 of the serial Kumkum Bhagya has been aired, in which you guys are going to see Ranveer's poor day, BA day being wasted. will And Ranveer Kapoor has already said that I will.

 not let you live in China, why will I change mine now? You go and say to your Aaliya that she never comes before me, if she comes before me, then I will not leave the basic use. The location will be seen why Prachi has got a new.

 family in which we can see that Prachi is a businessman and she goes out of town for her deal. I will keep getting why I don't want to reach anyone's number or play with anyone's feelings I can't disturb anyone Yes friends now you will see Prachi in a new way Prachi and.

 Ranveer too The world is about to face why Prachi is now coming to Ranveer's office. Prachi doesn't know that Prachi is meeting Ranveer. Prachi is with yer, so Prachi tells her manager to go to meet me. No, but his father will be with Vikram. Vikram will be very happy to see Prachi.

 with him. He loves Prachi very much and considers Prachi as his daughter. As soon as Vikram sees Prachi, he will be very happy and will say to Prachi that I thought that you had killed me and that's why I'm still meeting you even though I'm trying to hide you. Aahin Ki Aaj Tumhen.

Aapne Samne Dekh Kar Bahut Khushi and I want you to come with us to Kohli's house. They will say that I have missed you a lot and I love you but I can't go to Kohli's house with you and please don't tell anyone about me in my nakedness. Come.

 and remember me, he will be worried, he will not go home, why did Ranveer push me away from the house? Who can I forget? I was also very sad and even today I feel very sad when I talk to Ranveer and his words hurt me.

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