Kumkum Bhagya today 27 jan full episode online hd

 In the Kumkum Bhagya update episode, you guys are going to see Ranveer is going to return home in a very angry state. Yes, friends, the Koli family is very worried. We also know why Shikhar is with Ranveer, seeing Ranveer's anger, Ranveer's Pallavi will now be seen going to.

 Ranveer's room. So Pallavi is daughter enough to know all this but Ranveer doesn't tell his mother because Ranveer goes if I tell my family outside of Aaliya, many family members will want it. I am very worried about him and I don't want to increase Logon's problem, so he lies.

 to his mother and says that there is no such thing. goes and Pallavi says to Ranveer you are lying to me tell me the truth what if you You won't ask me anything, I will ask Shekhar where your friend Pallavi goes to Shekhar, you guys, but Deedan takes Pallavi in ​​her words because she.

 wants to see him not to say anything bad to Ranveer, so she stops him from using it. Prachi's country will show us through the girl Panchi. Why do you guys know that very soon Panchi is going to meet her mother? Tab goes to Prachi. Prachi hugs Panchi and Panchi's pendant.

 gets stuck on Prachi's cup. Ranveer puts it in Panchhi's throat and soon Ranveer is going to find out about his daughter's nakedness and you guys will soon see Ranveer walking past us on the road because Ranveer likes that girl who sells flowers. Use Gee and.

Ranveer, you have Bola Liga and use Kahege

ki where do you live, use Tab Panchi We will tell and use the flowers in my mother's nakedness. Then my life is from me and everyone keeps asking me in my father's nakedness. My man has no idea about my father. Lag.

 Lag and you guys will see him talking to Ranveer very soon. Now you will see why Ranveer looks like his daughter except Ranveer and in fact she is the daughter of Ranveer and Prachi and very soon you will see a new twist in the story.

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