Kumkum Bhagya today 28 Jan Full episode online hd

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi is very sad because Prachi's boss has promoted Prachi. Is. Achi is a businessman and I also want you to hand over my business because I am very tired and now I want to do the rest. Prachi is no longer in Delhi because Prachi.

 is very sad because of Ranveer's voice because here per Rahekar Prachi is very difficult to manage herself but now Prachi has been asked to go to Delhi and Prachi has to go and ask her boss Prachi. The boss has fired Prachi from her job and Prachi is very sad and comes to.

 meet her family and all the family members ask Prachi that why are you so worried. I have left, now I will not work. Yes, my friends, all the family members become interested and say to Prachi that we are not waiting for your talk. Why is it difficult to talk to your.

 boss? can leave from yes friends tab Prachi tells their problem like Sankar Sahana goes to Prachi to talk to Prachi then Prachi says to Sahana you leave me alone Main FIR Waqit. nahin sunna chahti tab Sahana leaves prachi in Uske room and comes and tells her mother that prachi.

 is told to go to delhi that's why prachi is so worried if prachi goes to dairy your job to use it Wapas Lee Prachiye Not ready to do everything, Sahana and the rest try to understand Prachi and tell Prachi that you will go for your job and you won't go for Ranveer. Why are you.

being serious? You don't have the courage to react like that. You want to take your boss's word for it and you want to do this. How many people are fed up with the sound of your job. Sahih kam se kam anku logon ke nigge mein to.

 think what dost prachi say to your boss mankar jaygi daily you logon have to tell us in the comment section why we keep sharing serial kumkum bhagya new update with you logon visit my site Thanks for doing it

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