Kumkum Bhagya today 29 Jan full episode hd

In the serial Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV, you will see that Prachi is starting to realize why Ranveer is seeing the same thing as Ki.  Ranveer from Dyan Taraaf is also now Prachi is quite wrong, the two of them are going to face each other again from a distance and you will see very soon when Ranveer picks up his.

 boss's daughter from the airport, Tab Prachi too.  It will be at the airport.  Prachi's job is now in Ranveer's city of Delhi and Prachi will see Yanni working in the same office with Ranveer.  When will Ranveer meet his father and will say to his father today I am feeling very.

 strange because I feel that Prachi is around me Tab Vikram says to Ranveer why don't you dare to worry.  time you keep missing prachi that's why i look like this in reality nothing like that you know prachi is no longer in this world she has left us yes friends tab per ranveer.

 for your father please  Don't say that, Prachi can't go anywhere without leaving us. Yes, Vikram's friends are very serious after hearing Ranveer's talk and they are saying to Shikhar that Ranveer has changed completely because Ranveer was once Prachi who wanted.

 to dance.  Laga Prachi, I don't understand anything about this. There is a way. Friend, very soon Vikram will be seen seeing Prachi with him. Why do you guys think that Vikram also considers Prachi as his daughter Prachi? But now Prachi is a family.  Kohli's family.

Will be seen meeting you and you will see very soon and Suhana is also contacting Prachi from the world travel and says to Prachi, I am also here now you are here to come.  Tab Prachi says to Sahana that she can’t live without you.  

I can't see where my house will be. Sahana, not yet, she will be seen coming after Prachi every day. Why do Sahana miss Prachi so much?  Now have to come daily yes friends Shekhar and Sahan also one to two hue dikhai denge aap Logon Ko

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