Kumkum Bhagya today 30 Jan full episode hd

 In the story of Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV, you will see that Prachi goes to Delhi after taking a job with her family and Ranveer's life is very difficult due to traveling around the world.  Even now you guys love Ranveer because as soon.

 as Ranveer goes to the airport using the lane, Ranveer encounters his wife Prachi because Prachi has now changed from pure dark, life has changed.  It has happened and Prachi has also changed. Now Prachi hates Ranveer because Ranveer.

 pushed Prachi out of his house. As soon as Prachi sees Ranveer with her, Prachi is known as  But Prachi gets very upset and walks away from Ranveer. Yes, seeing as friends, Ranveer will be seen getting very upset. Why do you guys.

 know why Ranveer loves Prachi so much and when Prahi sees Chi with him.  So, I can't stop myself, friends, now Prachi ignores Ranveer enough, why do you guys want Prachi to replace her with Ranveer and Prachi do something.

 for her revenge.  dusri taraf se Sahana Bhi Aba Bahut jald Delhi pahunchti Hui dikhai degi aap Logon Ko Kyunki Sahana Ka Dil Prachi Ke Baair Nahin Lagta and Prachi Se Contact Karke Kahati Hai Ky Mujhe Bhi Tumhare pass Aana yeh.

 doston Prachi Ab Sahana di bulkhai degi ap logon ko kumkum  Bhagya's story will be very interesting because now very soon Panch is also meeting her mother because Panchi has met her father Ranveer but Ranveer doesn't see.

Panchi's face and goes to Ranve.  And Panchi's necklace is also Ranveer going to see very soon because none other than Ranveer gives that pendant to Panchi.  It will be quite surprising to see that you will ask Logon and Panchi.

 who gave it to me. Use the tab. Panchi will tell you in the nakedness of her mother who leaves Panchi. God knows why she doesn't save.  Can't find a good mother and can't give Panchi the love of her parents. Yes, friends, now Ranveer will be Panchi's support and will ask Panchi to use you to ban me.

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