Kumkum Bhagya today 31 th jan Episode hd

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV, you will see whether Pagal will show you Lugon after Ranveer, why Ranveer now feels Prachi, will show you Lugon and on the other hand, what will Ranveer do now? Gave me love. People, why is Kaya's heart going to fall on Ranveer.

 now? Yes, friends, Kaya will soon see Malik through Prachi. It will be written that Ranveer is used by his boss. And Ranveer will be seen telling Kya in his naked body. I will tell and I will tell a lot about my daughter Panchi naked and you guys will see very soon if she will.

 be seen emotionally blackmailing Ranveer. . Ranveer has a lot of courage. Ranveer is very bad. Ranveer has not done anything for his boss for a long time. It is clear from Alia's voice why Alia would want to fulfill Ranveer. Ranveer has gone and now you will see him believing.

 everything. Prachi will be seen missing Ranveer from the world travel. Chili stops Prachi from making excuses and says to Prachi that no matter what happens, I will never go home because I don't want you to put yourself in trouble, if you.

Prachi. How did Ranveer treat you? If Ranveer loves you, he will come to you and you don't dare to go after him. I promise.

 you, I won't go to Ranveer, if I see Ranveer anywhere, I will ignore him and we have no relationship anymore. Now Ranveer? Not even my crab. It says that Panchi has gone away from Ranveer because of my words and I am Jannati that my Panchi daughter is alive and I will meet her one day.

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