Kumkum Bhagya today 6 Jan full episode online HD

 In Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV, you will see that Ranveer is very angry, why do friends, Riya's truth is a chaka for the entire family.  Can't tell a lie, but Prachi has not planned such a plan, which fans of the show Zee TV are very happy to see.  Riya has a lot to say and you guys will see very soon when Riya will be seen rumbling with Sabi family valves you guys will say.

 to Ranveer I don't want to leave this house but Ranveer hai per Ranveer day.  Riya will be seen leaving Kohli's house, you guys and Prachi seeing Ranveer angry from traveling around the world, pleads with Ranveer that you guys and Ranveer will tell Riya not to leave your home, Ranveer.  Heaven be upon you Riya, there is no one else in this world, yes, friends, Suhana.

 will say to Prachi this time, what are you talking about, Riya keeps on acting like this and you are in her words, Riya per Diyali is no one to look at.  Don't you dare, Riya has done a lot of wrong, so you will get to use it as a decoration. Vikram will also be very happy with his son Ranveer and will say you have done a great job.  But Riya didn't break our friendship, we don't want to blame anyone, yes, friends, on.

the other hand, Pallavi will also appear quite embarrassed in front of Vikram.  She will be ashamed in front of her husband Vikram and will say to her husband Vikram, please forgive me, I am a paradise, that I should be nice to you.  No, I shouldn't have behaved like this by coming to Riya's words, please forgive me.  And I.

 forgive you, apologize and beat me to shame. Yes, friends, now the story of Kumkum Bhagya will become even more interesting.  No one will leave Alia home and Siddharth will also be shown in Kohli's house and you will see very soon.

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