Kumkum Bhagya today 6 the Jun full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Ha Hai Ki Riya wants to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer Don. Prachi escapes Riya says I have never succeeded in my intentions Riya says whenever I want to do something it is always Prachi so now I have thought that now I am with Prachi. I won't do anything. Riya says that if I see something like this now, Prachi will start crying on her own. Prachi will lose her courage. Riya starts thinking this is what I want to do. Still an idea comes to Riya's mind. Riya kidnaps herself. Riya now does this with full planning. Riya says I will kidnap myself and will go to Achi because of her. Everyone will think that Prachi is not.

 me. Riya has kidnapped Prachi. Brings a jhumka and she and she puts Prachi's jhumka in her room. She kidnaps her but still Aaliya and all the family members are very worried about Riya, they are trying to blackmail Riya. Later, Aaliya gets worried, she takes the letter in which Riya says that I was kidnapped and this kidnapping was carried out by Prachi. No Chowrangi, so Aaliya goes to all the family members in anger and she also calls Prachi there. Prachi gets very upset seeing me. Prachi gets very upset. Prachi starts crying. Prachi says no, this is all a lie. Prachi says I didn't do anything. I don't know. Prachi says you are all log Jannat. Prachi says I was at home all day today with all of you. I don't know where Riya has gone. Prachi says no. Some lie has been written, Prachi starts crying, Aaliya starts scolding Prachi, Aaliya says that Riya will not write a lie, Aaliya says that you must have kidnapped Riya, Aaliya says tell me now. Riya says.

 otherwise I will solve your problem in such a way that you will not be able to show your face to anyone. They say that now tell me where is Kriya because you are from heaven, where is Riya? Prachi says I don't know Riya. I don't know where Riya is. Milkar tries to blackmail Riya, Aaliya is upset that I think you won't believe that, still Aaliya tells the police to arrest the stranger. Ranveer says that there is no need for you guys to take Prachi, first you try to kill Riya. If we find any evidence, the policemen say that we should destroy the evidence first. We should kidnap Prachi. Maybe Prachi has not done anything. The policemen are checking all the cameras. So Prachi's jhumka is found from Riya's roommate. When the policemen see the jhumka, they all look at the jhumka and they say who does it belong to? This is Prachi's. Prachi is shocked to see all this. Prachi says how can this.

all happen. Start telling more lies. Alia says did this Jhumka go by itself. Alia says now you have to go to jail, Alia, police. Aap Logon needed sabot now sabot has been found so the cops who arrest you take Prachi to rest and the family doesn't want to do anything, even Ranveer doesn't want to do anything. Ranveer is also very worried when Sabot gets it. Ranveer says that even now I can't oppose Prachi. Prachi goes to jail. All the family members and Alia are trying to blackmail Riya. Alia doesn't even know about Riya. would have Hi, Aaliya doesn't know that Riya has this plan. Riya takes the help of a man to trick 

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