Kumkum Bhagya today 8 Jan full Episode HD

The story of Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV has become very interesting since the day Rhea Kohli left the house. Ranveer is very happy with Prachi.  Yes, Riya will show you guys that she is very happy in her life, but Alia is not one to keep quiet. She told Riya that I will replace you.  Go home.

 but Hai bar Pallavi is not going to skip Riya and this thing Aaliya is also good from heaven so Aaliya will plan something that will make Ranveer read someone in loud music and say Aaliya.  She has left and Alia wants me to bow to Ranveer for her words, so Ranveer will seem to be in a lot of trouble with Alia's voice.  Shikhar.

 is not in love with Sahana but someone else and even Ranveer doesn't know this and Ranveer also knows the truth about Shekhar.  She is going to walk and Jabde Suhana will go to Ranveer and tell her about Shekhar naked. Like the sinker, Ranveer will show you guys how interested she is and Suhana is also going.

 to talk to Prachi about Shekhar and you guys are very excited.  You will soon read that Shekhar's affair is not with love but with another girl. Tab Prachi will also be very sad and will be seen trying to talk to Shekhar.  Your logo loves Shekhar very much and Sahana would do anything for Shekhar and this Prachi is also.

 a good heaven so Prachi will be seen trying to understand Sahana to you and the world between Vikram and Pallavi.  You will also be seen arguing a lot, why Vikram will be seen trying to leave the house in the business cycle, you will see you very soon and you will meet in the business, she will be seen preventing you from.

 going.  Why does the  first one want you guys that now Vikram will not leave me and go anywhere and Vikram owns his own  Stay with Milli join everyone's happiness and Ranveer also wants me to do business.  Stay and take care of your father's business. Yes, friends

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