Kumkum Bhagya today 9 Jan full episode online HD

 In the story of serial Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV you guys will see a family is very happy, you guys because now Prachi is going to become a child man very soon.  will  Hai Kyunki Prachi suddenly gets worse due to which Ranveer has to take Prachi to the hospital. This friend has given.

 a very good news to Dr. Ranveer.  It's sad why Alia has refused to kill Riya why Alia used to go to Kohli's house by ruining the day but Riya is not going to go against Ranveer now why Riya is not Alia I am not going after Ranveer now  Ranveer has rejected me and now I will.

 also forget Ranveer because Ranveer himself has told me that I don't love you.  I have been using since day I have given my heart to Prachi and I have given my life to Prachi now Riya does not wake up anywhere in your heart yes friends like Sankar Riya is very bad.  Riya.

 is shocked and Riya is not ready to do anything. Alia has planned a lot but has not told anyone yet and very soon Ali will see Logon in Kohli's house too. Why not take Alia in front of Ranveer?  Alia is going to go to Ranveer's house, why is there a big party in the Kohli house, you guys.

 will see Alia's entry in which all the Kohli family will be very worried and will not be able to ask Alia why.  If you said no, FIR, what are you doing here? Yes, friends, tab Alia will tell Ranveer, I want you to pay some old custom, so I am here, friends. This time, Alia is going to bring the.

police and Ranveer will look like  You people, because Alia is burning in the fire of revenge and in any case Alia wants to be replaced by Goli family, Alia will now be seen blaming Ranveer very much.  They will say to the police and the police that Ranveer has stolen from me.  Hoi.

 will be seen arresting Ranveer Jee Haan friends Prachi will be quite sad to see Ranveer being rash and will be seen messing with the police you guys and you guys will be watching the serial on Mere TV very soon.

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