Kumkum Bhagya today jun 1 full episode online HD

 is trying to do the same, Prachi goes to jail and the family can't do anything, Ranveer doesn't think.  He can't help Prachi. Riya is very happy. Riya is sitting after her kidnapping and all the blame is on Prachi. Riya is very happy when she finds out that Prachi will go to jail. Prachi is worried.  Who will do all this with Riya? Prachi says why all these evidences are going against me. Prachi is upset that someone may refuse to talk to me.  You are doing everything on purpose, Riya has kidnapped herself. Prachi says what should I do now, I am in jail, so I can't even go to Bihar. Now who did I find out, what is the truth?  There is a place to meet. Prachi tells Ranveer that just let me out of the jail for a few hours.  Prachi says I will stay after finding out what to do. She is trying. Prachi.

 says I will not ask all this. Prachi says please.  Be happy to leave me. Ranveer says what to do in the end. Ranveer gets worried. Even then, Ranveer says to the policemen that he will give us some time.  Where is it and we will bring Riya to your logon ourselves. The cheerleaders go and they let Prachi out of jail for a few hours. Now all the Malkars are trying to trick Riya.  Aaliya reaches Riya's place to get rid of Riya. When Aaliya reaches Riya's place, Aaliya finds out that Riya has kidnapped herself and wants to kill Ali.  Aaliya says to Riya that you didn't know how much I was worried about this Sankar, I lost.

 my life.  Aaliya says to Riya that last time why did you do this Aaliya said you could have told me you could have included me in your plan Aaliya says I am waiting now and ISI is all the talk.  She says no, you can't do that. Riya says you understand that you have to try. Riya says look, I'm tired of cutting us off from my plan. Prachi has gone to jail.  Prachi has gone to jail. Aaliya says that you should not be happy here. Prachi has gone to jail. Ranveer has saved Prachi again and again.  It is spring, Aaliya says now you are trying to cheat Prachi, Prachi is upset that I will continue to cheat her now, Aaliya says I have to go home now, otherwise everyone will go home.  Ale will think that I don't know where I have gone, they will start doubting me, so I have to go home now at ISI time.  Is.  Riya is trying so Riya is very angry that as long as I am a paradise for Prachi, Prachi.

 will reach me Riya says what should I do now Riya says I have to go ahead with my plan Riya says  When Prachi reaches this point, I will beat Prachi and kill her. Riya is making another plan.  I know that Prachi will reach me, then she goes to Prachi, Riya gets very happy seeing Prachi. Riya says that it is happening as I wanted.  Prachi takes it and goes, even then Riya shoots Prachi. Prachi also sees the stabbing of Riya, then all the family members also go there. Riya hides at home. When the family sees that Prachi is shot, they  They are very 

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