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In drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai Ki Anjali wants to get rid of Karan and Preeta Don Anjali wants to get Karan Anjali says I will not let Karan become Preeta Hona Dongi Anjali always tries to kill Preeta with Preeti Sankhai Karaho Anjali always fails in her intentions. Anjali says I will not accept everything. Anjali says that until I get Kiran, I have to stop giving up my efforts. Anjali says what should I do now, Anjali. She says whenever I try to do something with Karan, always Preeta saves Karan and Preeta foils my plan. There will be a function in my school and my parents also have to go

along. Preeta's.

 daughter says that you and papa have to go with me. Everyone in the family is very happy to see Preeta's daughter happy. Love daughter so much. Preeta says to her daughter that we want to attend function in your school tomorrow too. Karan and Preeta Donon are very happy for Hate Hain. Anjali sees the UN donation so she can't bear all this. Anjali says I am Ray Hain. She can never be happy. Marry me. Khushi has chosen and who is happy now Anjali says no matter what happens I won't let Karan and Preeta Don stay together and I won't let Man in Don go Anjali says I can't see them together Anjali She says these two are at home so I will keep an eye on them. Anjali says I won't let it happen now. Anjali says I have to do something. Anjali says.

 I have to do something with Preeta from tomorrow. Hoga I have to do something that will make Preeta not go to school with her daughter tomorrow Anjali starts thinking even then an idea comes to Anjali's mind Anjali tells about building a house for everyone. Am I going to mix something in Preeta's food which will make her ill and she won't be able to go tomorrow? Then Anjali prepares a separate meal for Preeta. Anjali mixes something in the food. Preeta eats the food. She eats the food. Preeta's appetite becomes very bad. Preeta vomits. Anjali says that I always want to see Preeta like this. Karan takes Preeta to the hospital when they go to the hospital the doctor checks on Preeta and he says that he has done something that made her.

sick and vomited, karan is shocked. And Preeta

goes home, all the family members ask what the doctor said. Then Preeta says that it was in giving me food and I had eaten that food and because of eating it my health became worse. Anjali says that they should not know that I told them. Anjali says that I have to do something. Anjali says that I don't have to give it all away. Nijali is upset that I got agar, so what will happen, Karan says Maan says tell the workman. Anjali changes the subject. Anjali says that now you are talking about something. There is no time to take Preeta to your work. Preeta needs to rest.

 now. Anjali is trying to escape herself, so Anjali starts telling all this, even then the family goes to Preeta's room. Anjali becomes Anjali. She can't go to Sikh. Preeta's daughter is very worried. She says what will I do now? ke Liye Kuchh Nahin kar Sakti Preeta Khati Hai ki Ab Main Kya Karun Preeta apni Beti ke Sath Nahin Ja Sakti Anjali Bahut Khush Ho Rahi Hoti A njane Kai succeeds Anjali gets what she wants Anjali says now I will never let Karan and Preeta don stay together I will never let them go anywhere alone Anjali why not Preeta don She says that I will remain successful in my goal

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