Kundali Bhagya today 16 Jan full episode online hd

 In the serial Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi is suspicious of Arjun. Yes friends, Rakhi Luthra knows that Arjun is Karan, but no one believes Rakhi and everyone says to Rakhi Luthra, why are you misunderstanding us, why are you hiding from us? We all love Karan very much and Karan also loved us very much. If it was Karan, he would have told.

 us. Jeevan Dost is going to go to Preetha now. They will say this to Luthra, I also feel that Arjun is hiding something from us, sometimes I also feel this, now Preetha is going to go to Arjun's house, Arjun knows what to write to Prithvi Anjali first. read and say to anjali i want to meet arjun but anjali tells prithvi arjun movie.

 time is not home you can't meet arjun arjun has promised me to meet you jee haan dostoon tab prithvi tells anjali You are doing this very wrong. You want to marry me with Arjun because it is very important for me to meet Arjun. Luthra the baker wants to buy Luthra's Prapati per Kabja but Arjuna doesn't know that Prithvi is also eyeing UN Luthra's Prapati.

 and I will get it in the property if not from anyone in my way then I will use it. Anjali will now be seen getting very worried after listening to Prithvi's words, she will also be seen contacting you guys and Arjun. Who are these friends? Arjun will also be very angry with Prithvi and will say to Anjali that you don't need to worry, this is Prithvi, he is nothing like that, so he.

will not leave me and you should not pay attention, friends, Pritha and Sameer are also in it. They reach Anjali's house and tell Anjali that we have come to meet Arjun, but Anjali does not read Preeta and Sameer. And here Preeta gets a huge evidence against Arjuna Arjun is about to say goodbye to Rakhi


 that she will go to do something or the other why Preeta is not going to return with open arms now why you Rita also wants to know Arjun Why is Preeta so upset now, write that Arjun is one Arjun, it seems that Arjun is my ray.

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