Kundali Bhagya today 3 Jun full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai Ki Anjali wants to get rid of Karan and Preeta Don Anjali wants to marry Karan Anjali married Rishabh to reach Karna Anjali read to Karna Lena hai ki main tak Karna Anjali says that I will stay after getting Karan. Anjali says that I don't want Karan to be Preeta's. Anjali says that whenever you ask, koshish Karti hun Hamesha Preeta Bach Jaati hai Anjali eats. Anjali says that I won't believe everyone. Anjali says that I will keep these two away. Anjali says that I will stay with love. Sakti Anjali is upset that now I won't do anything with Preeta as long as Preeta is saved. Anjali starts thinking. Plans to kill Anjali says that in the bar Preeta Kumar Dongi Man Preeta Lee Himisha's.

 work enj. Lee says what should I do then Anjali goes to the kitchen but there is no one in the kitchen then Preet says to the maid that she makes me a cup of tea and eats two Preetas that I have tea in my head. Anjali hears all this. Anjali says this is a real opportunity. Anjali tries to find something in the kitchen. Preeta is making a wish for Preeta. An idea comes to Anjali's mind. She goes to the kitchen and spills tea on the hand of the maid. A Jaati Hai Uska Pata nahin Chalta Ki Chai Mein Kuchh Milaya Gaya Hai vah Chai Lekar Preeta ke liye Chai Lekar Jaati Hai vah Preeta washroom Me Hoti Hai U To Kamali puts her away Karan and goes Karan says he is mine from today. The heart was drinking tea, Kiran said, "I don't know how Preeta.

 knows about my heart, Preeta ni mei." Ray wants it and pretends to say that I want it now and ISI wants it some time ago.Pyunga Karan starts drinking tea even then Preeta gets angry at him. Preeta says no you can't drink it if you want. Why don't I think I'm married and it's for me? Preeta says my heart is also dying. Preeta's H is so much

that you are the only one to drink and I'm late. It will be done, even then Preeta calls all the family members, all the family members go to Preeta's room, she is also very sad to see what happened to Karan. is on Anjali also goes. Anjali finds out that Karan must have drunk tea. When the tea is sent by Anjali to Preeta, Anjali.

 gets very worried. . Preeta is shocked and says that I don't know anything. Preeta says that she got this condition just because of drinking tea. All the family members are very surprised. Anjali is very upset. Anjali says that I don't know Pakdi. Anjali is upset that I love Karan very much. Anjali says that anything will happen to Karan with my voice. All the family members are praying a lot for Kiran, even then the doctor goes. The doctor says that he has eaten something poisonous. He has consumed something poisonous. The doctor says. The doctor says. Now there is no need to be pregnant. The doctor says that it is enough now. Now you can take them home. All the.

 family members become very happy. Preeta also becomes happy. ut khush ho Jaati Hai. Anjali says that I am saved. Anjali says that nothing happened to Karan with my voice. Anjali is very worried. Ta says that I am telling you all the truth, Han ki wah chai for me. She has tried to kill herself. Preeta says what would have happened to me with that tea plate? Preeta says I would have been killed. All the family members are very scared of this sinker. All the family members say that he can do everything. Preeta says kamwali wants that for me, but I was there, even then everyone in the house talks to kamwali and they ask her what did you get in chah, she says I didn't get anything, you guys. work at home. Rahi, why will I do this? She says I don't know, I didn't do this. She.

 is very busy. Anjali gets scared and eats somewhere. She was in the kitchen at the time. Even then Anjali goes to speak and Anjali starts talking about something else. Now all the family members are silent. There is something ISI Waqt Khatm kar Dete. Hain Anjali Bach Jaati hai, Anjali is happy, Anjali is on Himisha's side, Anjali is saved even once, Anjali doesn't go, but Anjali's plan is backfired. Anjali has the illusion of killing Preeta. Nikam gets frustrated, but what Anjali tries to do doesn't happen at all

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