Bhagya Lakshmi Today Feb 1 full episode hd

 In serial Bhagya Lakshmi on Zee TV you will see that Rishi Abhijeet is doing it with Lakshmi and has also told his family that Lakshmi will be with me now because I want Lakshmi to be with me and I think that  I think.  Yes, friends, Sankar Neelam goes to coffee shop.

 and says to Rishi, this can never happen.  Rishi says to his mom, I know, we are divorced, but Lakshmi will still be with me. Yes, friends. On the other hand, Malaysia is very angry and tells Rishi that you will be with me.  What are you.

 doing? You didn't hear what your mother said. Lakshmi won't go with us, so she won't.  tab wale se chup Ho Jaati Hai and Neelam also leaves wahan se and Lakshmi goes to her room from the wedding gussa hokar Rishi also reaches.

 Lakshmi's room behind Lakshmi's back and where is it used I feel bad for you  Tab Lakshmi says to Rishi, what am I going to do with you because now you are going to Malaysia and I don't want to read your dramas.  You are.

 something wrong in Doon's life and anyway your mother thinks that I am Manas boys and you read in your time with my voice or friend then Rishi says to Lakshmi you are not familiar with us.  No, it is a relationship, it is a friendship, it is for the sake of the.

 relationship, please come with me, yes, friends, now Lakshmi will be seen going with Rishi, now you will be seen going to the Parivar and you will be seen going to Logon and from the other side, Rano will also say to Rishi.  Why should I not read my daughter with you? I have.

 done something with Neelam, so what will happen to me? So Rishi, take me with you, friends.  I will be happy and tell the world that it was good that Jeju took Lakshmi with him, otherwise I had seen that Lakshmi used to live without Rishi.

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