Bhagya Lakshmi Today Feb 2 full episode hd

 You guys are going to see serial Bhagya Lakshmi on Zee TV. Neelam is very angry. Yes, like a friend, Ayush has to come to his house and tell his mother that Lakshmi is one way. I will see you guys getting hyper. Why does Neelam hate Lakshmi and Neelam says that Lakshmi.

 and Parivar never came, that's why she is getting hyper and on the other hand Rishikesh is also from Neelam Degwan. Father has also told Neelam that Lakshmi is my daughter and I will keep my daughter in my house and no one can believe me for that. Because Krishna also.

 wants Lakshmi and Parivar not to come but Aahna is very happy when she finds out that Lakshmi Bhabhi and Parivar are rahi, so she tells her Neelam aunty that Lakshmi and Parivar are not coming. Is she now Rishi's wife or not? If Rishi wants to use it here, then it is not the.

 whole point. Yes, friends, now Aahna's mother will be seen scolding Aahna, because Aahna is Lakshmi Lakshmi, to whom it is absolutely good to say to her mother. She doesn't think so and says to Sonia you take her to your room why I don't want all of us to fight with.

 Lakshmi's voice from now on because of grief gadi se utar Kar Chali Gai Hai Kyunki Rishi ko Kahate Hain gadi Rokane. ka lekin Rishi doesn't stop the car and she stops the car herself and takes off from the place of the car. Yes, friends, Rishi is seen following Lakshmi. Come on, why are you doing all this? You know when you do all this, it takes a lot from me.” Tab Rishi.

Manisha Hadi Yes, I have nothing to do with you. Lakshmi was my best friend and always will be and I will always take care of Lakshmi. No one can stop me from taking her. Please get out of my way and let me go to Lakshmi. Yes. Because of the conversation with friends, Lakshmi will be seen cheating. Don't stay

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