Kumkum Bhagya today 1 Feb full episode hd

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV you will see Kya in a new way. Yes friends as soon as Ranveer meets Kya, Tab Kyaar goes to his office and tells Ranveer that you will work for me.  And you leave your boss this friend tab ranveer kaya say this is not possible i cant leave my.

 boss my pure situation is already bothering me so much plz don't bother me with your confusion  want to do  At the request of K, this job belonged to Shoro and I am not leaving this job. It is difficult for Kya to leave his friends.  Kya wants to make a splash in her life with.

 Ranveer, but Prachi is also very worried about the second trip. She has to come to Delhi and use Prachi wherever she goes. Ranveer is seen.  Yes friends, Prachi loves Ranveer too and refuses to tell Ranveer why Prachi thinks Ranveer doesn't love me.  Yes, that's why I also.

 want to go for Ranveer now.  ISI is in town and she will surely find me one day this friend Aryan keeps saying to Ranveer so main bola hai ki prachi ab nah  Where will she come from Jee Haan will be seen arguing between.

 Aryan's friend Prachi and on the other side Pallavi will be seen stopping Ranveer and Aryan arguing with Tab Aryan.  Pallavi asks what are you doing? Tab Aryan says to her mother Pallavi nothing, we are both doing the same.  I want to give.  Aryan.

will be very worried and will say to Pallavi, what is the need to get married, I don't want to get married yet, because Aryan loves Sahana and Aryan feels that Sahana will be a nuisance in Aryan's life, so Aryan will refuse to marry.

 now.  Jaal is going to reach Delhi first because she is missing Prachi and Prachi takes Sahana as hers and very soon Sahana and Aryan come in front of a world.  The story of thanks for visit my site

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