Bhagya Lakshmi today Mar 1 full episode online HD

The story of Shree Bhagya Lakshmi GTV has become quite interesting in which you will see that Rishi has told Lakshmi that you will stay with me why not I don't want you to stay away from me so Lakshmi will stay with you. You will stay with me. Lakshmi says to Rishi if we have a relationship then why are you doing this how many times I say leave me alone but.

 Rishi you don't want this your all family members. Even your mother is upset with you. Yes, friends, says Rishi Lakshmi. I don't care whether you are happy or not. My servant is worried about your happiness. Leave Rishi Lakshmi alone. On the other hand, Malaysia, who is always trying to get Lakshmi away from.

 Rishi, is always going to do something that will show her kidnapping Lakshmi. Ka malaysia wants to kill lakshmi and malaysia wants lakshmi to leave obroy parivar for himisha now, friends is it possible that maybe there will be a back marriage. kar payegi.

 aap logon ne Hamen comment section I want to tell why Rishi is not going to leave Lakshmi why Rishi ne says to Lakshmi until you find a good boy for us tabk you will not take anywhere until you leave it is a good thing. Boy cheat and let me marry you who is better than me but the.

 truth is that Rishi does not allow Lakshmi to be with anyone else because Rishi loves Lakshmi and this is written from the bottom of his heart to Lakshmi as Rishi per Vishwas. It doesn't happen because now Rishi and Lakshmi are divorced and Don is very confused about the divorce and Aayush is also very.

confused about his sister-in-law and his O Rishi due to traveling around the world and calls the salon. I want to say, I don't understand you and my brother. Is love really like that? How much do you love each other? Don't tell the truth. Rishi's family worries but.

 Lakshmi gets only pain in return, so why is Lakshmi's well being not laughable for Rishi? Hota supports Lakshmi and Lakshmi supports Himisha Rishi's family and ISI Dramian takes Don's life in Malaysia.

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